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Leadership Team

Christopher Bisson

Christopher Bisson

Chris is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Value Connect Inc. and is responsible for organization growth and partnership development. Chris started his mortgage career at RDM Financial after spending almost five years moving through the corporate ladder at Levi Strauss & Co. (Canada) Inc. He quickly put his sales and customer service skills to good use and grew his mortgage practice to become one of the largest in the region. The Mortgage Centre franchise is owned & operated by his wife, and continues to rank as one of the leading mortgages brokerages in Canada.

In 2015 Chris realized his desire to obtain an MBA and received Notre Dame’s highest award (The Dean’s Award) for his class, as chosen by administration, faculty and his peers.

He completed a project on appraisal management companies based on his experience in the mortgage industry and is devoting 100% of his time to this new company. Value Connect Inc.’s mission is to change the industry for the betterment of lenders, loan reps, and appraisers.

Chris has extensive background in economics and mortgage public policy. He is regularly asked to guest lecture and sit as an expert panelist for lenders, mortgage insurers, and at industry functions.

John Van Oosterhout

John Van Oosterhout
Sr. Vice President, Operations

John began his career in financial services in 1987 with Scotiabank, specializing in retail and commercial branch operations.  John transitioned to residential secured and unsecured risk management for a number of Canadian chartered and Investment banks in Canada. 

John has been the broker of record and head of credit for a number of national lending and service organizations.   Over the last 5 years he has assisted in co-founding several secured and unsecured consumer lending (fintech) companies, and continues to support and work with originators, lenders and appraisers in providing exceptional partner experiences. 

Ben Pearo

Ben Pearo
Shareholder, Lead Developer

Ben started with Value Connect while completing his B.Sc. (Computer Science) at the University of Guelph., starting as a developer. He stepped up to train and manage the team as Value Connect grew.

He plays a part in all aspects of our software, keeping our integrations healthy, planning the direction of our products, and making sure the development team continuously makes your work easier!

Ben took over the role of Lead Developer prior to completing his studies and has implemented a variety of new technologies, including major version bumps to our software.