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Value Connect's Story

After funding over $1 billion of mortgages, our Founder & CEO started Value Connect in 2015 with a simple mission: to improve the real estate appraisal process for lenders, brokers, and their clients. 

His concern was straight forward: for an industry that’s been around as long as it has, you’d think getting an appraisal would be easy and predictable. The fact is that it was a stressful process mired in constant fee change requests, missed deadlines and inaccurate reports because Appraisal Management Companies regularly dropped the ball.

The only way to improve the industry was to do something about it, and in developing a significantly better appraisal management company, the team at Value Connect created a complete productivity suite that would allow lenders to meet your regulatory and investor requirements while getting rid of the middleman.  Increased borrower satisfaction and funding ratios result everytime you remove a middle man in the process – and our system virtually eliminates 3rd parties.

More than Beautiful Reports

Value Connect Smart Appraisal Reports™ empower appraisers, brokers and lenders to focus on what they know best: their local real estate market.

We do this through a combination of our proprietary platform, continuous collaboration with real estate industry participants, and reliable and accessible support.

How We’re Different

Connection and community are central to our growth as we work toward becoming the leader in the appraisal productivity suite of the future.

We prioritize our relationships with appraisal industry regulators, organizations and top real estate professionals across North America, so we can be active and productive advocates for positive industry change.

What We Value


We strive to excel in every aspect of our business. We listen to and anticipate the needs of our customers, develop creative solutions, and move quickly to meet emerging challenges.


Each member of our small but mighty team holds one another responsible and accountable, working together to provide reliable, timely services as we build a successful and sustainable company.


The golden rule – treat everyone as you wish to be treated – guides our approach and interactions with customers, team members and partners.


We’ve got character – in the best way possible. We’re consistent in our behaviour, learn from our mistakes, and act ethically in the way we engage business.

Our Team

We’ve been on all sides of the lending, real estate, appraisal, and technology industries – as lenders, underwriters, originators, appraisers, real estate agents, and brokers.

With decades of experience, we bring insight, knowledge and savvy to empower and educate our users with inventive products and services that simplify the appraisal report process.

Christopher Bisson

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Brian Cowan

Chief Strategic Officer

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John Van Oosterhout

Director of Partnerships

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Ajeet Marker

Product Manager

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Karen Ball

Account Manager

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Jack Cohen

Director of Technology

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