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After being one of North America's top producing mortgage brokers for over 17 years and watching his clients (lenders & borrowers) and colleagues suffer through dealing with appraisal management companies, our founder decided there had to be a better way to get real estate appraisals completed.

Value Connect's Story

After funding over $1 billion of mortgages, our Founder & CEO started Value Connect in 2015 with a simple mission: to improve the real estate appraisal process for lenders, mortgage reps, and their clients. 


His concern was straight forward: for an industry that’s been around as long as it has, you’d think getting an appraisal would be easy and predictable. The fact is that it was a stressful process mired in constant fee change requests, missed deadlines and inaccurate reports because Appraisal Management Companies regularly dropped the ball.


The only way to improve the industry was to do something about it, and in developing a significantly better appraisal management company, the team at Value Connect created a complete productivity suite. Our smart appraisal system allows lenders to easily manage the entire appraisal process and eliminate the need to deal with AMCs, while meeting regulatory and investor requirements. 


Lenders and loan reps love the increased borrower satisfaction and funding ratios that result.



More than Beautiful Reports

Value Connect Smart Appraisal Reports™ empower lenders and loan reps to focus on what they know best: getting mortgages funded. We do this through a combination of our proprietary platform, continuous collaboration with real estate industry participants, and reliable and accessible support.

Our Purpose

To change the way everybody feels about property appraisals by making them ridiculously simple and efficient.

Our Core Values

Respect: We treat others as we like to be treated while respecting individual differences

Teamwork: We are honest, supportive, and collaborate to meet company goals

Excellence: “Good Enough" doesn’t cut it, exceeding expectations does

Integrity:  We act the same when no one is looking

Dedication: We exist so our customers win

Our Team

We’ve been on all sides of the lending, real estate, appraisal, and technology industries – as lenders, underwriters, originators, appraisers, real estate agents, and brokers.


With decades of experience, we bring insight, knowledge and savvy to empower and educate our users with inventive products and services that simplify the appraisal report process.



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Christopher Bisson

Founder & CEO

Meet Chris

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John Van Oosterhout

Sr. Vice President, Operations

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