Take control of the property valuation process. It can be fast. It can be easy.

Are you ready to cut your costs by up to 80%, eliminate rework and fund 65% more deals?

The appraisal process today is burdened by paper checklists, fee change requests, manual data entry, and rework. The industry hasn't gone through a digital transformation ~ until now. Value Connect's tools make appraisals simpler and effective. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform streamlines "everything appraisal."
One-Click Appraisal Orders

Save time and money. Integrate with your LOS to easily place accurate orders without duplicate entry.


QC Reports in Seconds

We eliminate the manual quality control of reports against your property and appraisal risk rules.


Data Insights & Compliance

Deeper insights and greater compliance. Reduce risk and increase revenue opportunities.


One-Click Ordering
One-Click Ordering

Smart Ordering System

Ordering appraisals is easy with our “One-Click” order button that integrates with your Origination, Underwriting, and/or CRM systems.

Integrate Risk Rules
Integrated Image

Update Appraisers in Real-Time

Working with an AMC is like working in a Black Box: Once you place your order you lose control of the process until you receive the report.


Ensure appraisers use your most up-to-date property and appraisal report risk rules by implementing Value Connect's integrated platform. Compliance has never been easier.

Reduce QC Time
Reduce QC Time

Report QC'd by Appraiser

Eliminate rework by embedding your risk rules into the software appraisers use to build your reports. They'll QC the report before sending it to you.

Your Quality Control efforts will drop by 85%. Effectiveness improves dramatically.


Get Easy Access to More Report Data.

Move away from having your underwriting and credit review teams manually inputting report data into your back-end systems.

Cut hours of weekly workload using our automated data integration so they can process more deals.


“I really like the user-friendly and easy-to-read layout of Value Connect appraisal reports. It makes reviewing the appraisal easier and underwriters are less likely to miss critical information."



"Ordering appraisals is a breeze. One of the features that I think is great for customer service is the ability to split the cost of the appraisal between myself and my client."


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Transform how you manage compliance related to the appraisal process.
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