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  • Send inspection data seconds after leaving property
  • Save 30 minutes per report, lower turnaround time
  • Get a digital file for every inspection, lower your risk

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How does Value Connect’s app benefit you?


Increase Revenue by 15%

You can charge higher fees by as much as 15% because our inspection app lets you create comprehensive notes for every picture.

Save 30 minutes on every report

Our inspection app saves you 30 minutes per report. Eliminate note taking with our speech-to-text functionality.

Get a detailed digital work file

Our mobile app delivers a digital work file seconds after leaving the property, including labelled photos, notes, and property features.

Why Do You Need a Residential Inspection App?


An inspection app can be a useful tool for appraisers who want to save time and decrease their risk. Our app provides you and your team with detailed notes and pictures to determine accurate property values. This is particularly useful for buyers who want to ensure they are not paying more than the property is worth, for sellers who want to make sure they are getting a fair price, and for lenders who want to lend appropriately.


At Value Connect, our residential inspection app for appraisers improves outcomes for everyone, while streamlining the process for appraisers.

Reviews from our appraisers

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HG Appraisers Inc. partnered with Value Connect in 2021 and our experience with them has been outstanding! They are professional, friendly, and a real pleasure to work with. Chris, John, and Terri are dedicated to simplifying the appraisal ordering process focused on facilitating accurate and timely real property valuation services for their clients. Keep up the magnificent work!



I highly recommend using Value Connect from every professional position. The entire teamwork like a well-oiled machine. They are professional, friendly, and a real pleasure to work with. They always reach out personally to ensure timelines can be met and have everyone best interests at heart. I look forward to continuing being an appraisal partner with them.



We receive appraisal requests from Value Connect regularly. Their friendly staff are always wonderful to deal with , they communicate and help with any questions or concerns we have. Their website is user friendly. We enjoy working with Value Connect!



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Increase revenue by 15%, save 30 minutes per report, and get detailed digital work files.

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