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  • No fee changes ~ guaranteed!
  • Reports delivered on time!
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Value Connect’s industry-leading technology will get your reports delivered on time. You will save up to 30 minutes per report by reducing manual work, data entry, review, and follow-up. We have the tools to make the appraisal process simpler and more effective.
Everything moves faster with our system. You get your communications and appraisals faster so you can generate new leads. Your Lender is happier because they can make lending decisions more quickly.

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How does Value Connect benefit you?

No fee changes

No fee changes ~ guaranteed

You won't be surprised by fee change requests. The price for the appraisal is set once the details of the order are received in our comprehensive platform.

Reports Delivered on time

Reports delivered on time

You won't have to chase down appraisal reports. Appraisals are faster, more accurate, and detailed. You will always know the status of your report.

Save up to 30 Minutes

Save up to 30 min/appraisal

You will save 30 min/appraisal by eliminating manual data entry, follow-up, and missed deadlines. Reduce wasted staff time.

Ready For An Easy, Worry-Free Appraisal Experience?


At Value Connect, we understand how important timely reports are for businesses. We provide industry-leading technology that guarantees your critical reports are delivered on time. And better yet, you get to enjoy up to 30 minutes of extra time per report by reducing the manual entry and endless status-update inquiries.


Worried about a complicated appraisal process getting your way? Don’t be, because with Value Connect, we’ve got the perfect tools to make appraisals simpler and more effective than ever before!.


Value Connect is devoted to delivering accurate and fast results, but we also understand how critical it is to make the evaluation process for companies as efficient as possible. We have created solutions to streamline and improve the effectiveness of the assessment process because we recognise that it can frequently be a difficult and time-consuming procedure. Our system guarantees that you can easily handle appraisal data, track progress, and engage with your team in one location. 

You can save money and time by utilizing our appraisal tools, which you can then apply to promoting expansion and achieving your business objectives. By committing your evaluation process to Value Connect, you can relax knowing that it is being handled expertly, freeing you up to concentrate on what really matters: expanding your company!

Reviews from mortgage originators

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First class service working with Value Connect! Customer Success Team is quick to respond, keeps me updated and delivers quality reports on time. Lenders should consider getting Value Connect added as an approved supplier. It would be to their competitive advantage, making it easier for mortgage specialists and brokers like me to place the mortgage with them.


Mortgage Broker

Value Connect team amazed me by how quick they can get the appraisal completed, my experience was all positive all the way! In a desperate situation of the very last minute, Value Connect Team will go above and beyond to get the appraisal done! Thanks Terri and your team for your wonderful services!


Mortgage Broker

We receive appraisal requests from Value Connect regularly. Their friendly staff are always wonderful to deal with , they communicate and help with any questions or concerns we have. Their website is user friendly. We enjoy working with Value Connect!


Mortgage Broker

Try Value Connect, Get Peace of Mind!

No fee changes guaranteed, reports delivered on time and save up to 30 min/report.

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