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Our platform connects to all the tools used in the mortgage lending and appraisal process.

  • Improve Employee Experience (EX) by eliminating commodity-level tasks

  • Reduce costs by 65% by saving staff time

  • Eliminate rework with improved data accuracy

  • Eliminate staffing swings associated with market shifts

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Working with Canada’s leading Lenders

How does this work?

Take control of the entire appraisal process and minimize swings in FTEs. Value Connect’s platform integrates with the software used by everyone in the mortgage loan and appraisal process. It eliminates commodity level quality control checks and associated keying errors. It also increases appraisal review throughput by 200%. 

Embed our ordering module within your mortgage sales team and sales/broker portal for a fully integrated process. Our system enables end-to-end bi-directional communication and real-time status updates. All data is encrypted at rest and our process exceeds PIPEDA requirements.


How does Value Connect’s app benefit you?

Reduce costs up to 65%

Minimize appraisal review time. Reduce costs up to 65% by eliminating commodity-level quality checks.

Eliminate rework

Our platform strips out manual data entry, rework, and re-entry. This leads to faster turnaround and lending decisions.

Increase throughput by 200%

By saving staff time through the appraisal process, your team will have more time to triple reviews and focus on new business.


Looking for an alternative to your current Appraisal Management Company?

Start here, then move to our Smart Appraisal
Analytics Platform™ for a 10X ROI.​

Services (AMS)
No monthly fee
Cost + appraisal fee pricing
Features included
  • Fee Guarantee
  • Appraiser list management
  • Unlimited Users
  • Industry leading support
  • AVMs
  • Tiered volume discounts
  • No mileage charges for “in-city” reports

Save 65% of staff’s time on appraisals. Increase throughput by 200%.

Not convinced? Get on the platform at 75% off and let us prove we can deliver.

(Requires AMS)
Monthly Subscription + per report fee to scrub and data transfer + appraisal report fee
Features included
  • Quality controlled appraisal
  • Report data integration
  • Industry leading support
  • AVMs
  • Unlimited Users
  • Appraiser list management
  • Embedded Risk Rules

Reviews from our Underwriters

Get inspired by these reviews.

The team at Value Connect stands by their name; they do bring us Value. For example, I had a tight deadline to meet, and they came through for me and, most importantly, our mutual clients. Value Connect is my go-to connection to Appraisers.



We have been using Value Connect for almost a year now and the service has been amazing. The constant follow-up and the urgency they put on each order is exceptional. We are so happy to see more team members are using their service.



I have worked with Value Connect since they started. The team is a pleasure to deal with and respond to questions quickly. I look forward to working with Value Connect and would recommend them to anyone in the mortgage/lending industry.



Be an industry leader.
It’s time to try Value Connect.

Reduce cost by 65%, eliminate rework, and increase appraisal throughput by 200%

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