Changing the way everyone feels about appraisals

Value Connect is Canada’s only property appraisal marketplace with a SaaS platform to optimize the whole process.


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Automated Appraisal Orders

Value Connect allows easy ordering of appraisals and automated appraiser selection from your CRM, LMS, or LOS.

Bi-directional Communication

Value Connect provides one place for Mortgage Sales Reps, Appraisers, and Underwriters to stay in touch. All parties know right away if there's a change in status.

Automated Appraisal Reports

Appraisers can submit their report and report data directly into the lender LMS or LOS saving data processing time. And, because lender rules are followed during the property valuation, underwriters also save time in their review.

Home Inspection and Report Writer

Value Connect's home inspection app for appraisers works for iPhone and Android. Our app allows appraisers to take pictures, dictate notes, and seamlessly sync data with our Report Writer to save appraiser time and data entry.

A New Approach

The Process

Improve your business efficiency

Mortgage Sales Reps, Appraisers, and Underwriters all use different systems and reference duplicate data in different formats. As a result, the property appraisal process today is disconnected, causing excessive back-and-forth, data re-entry, and frustration for everyone. That's why we built the Value Connect SaaS platform - to change the way everyone feels about appraisals

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Value Connect Saves Time

Property valuations can be 20% of the time in every loan origination. With 600,000 appraisals in Canada every year, that time adds up quickly. Value Connect is proud to save underwriters 85% of the time spent on each appraisal.

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“Value Connect I feel is one of the better communicating companies out there when it comes to appraisals. They actually communicate with us proactively, so there aren’t any surprises along the way. I have worked with them on numerous occasions and they are my go to all the time going forward."

Yves Charlemagne

Mortgage Broker

“Value Connect is a welcome change to the mortgage industry. Their detail for communication and customer service is exceptional. They are easy to work with and always ready to address any questions or concerns in a timely manner. Anxious for many more lenders to come aboard and work with Value Connect as their appraisal go to company!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!"

Jill Craig

Mortgage Broker

“Value Connect has been very good.  User friendly system, good turnaround time, internal inquiries are promptly addressed - overall A+ from me.  Communication to the broker is key because we’re in the trenches and need to know what’s going on. I love dealing with Value Connect because I find out about things before my clients! Thanks for keeping me informed. Cheers!”

Bob Pinkney

Mortgage Broker

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