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Easy to Use Software – Really!

Whether you create or rely on appraisal reports, Value Connect software is simple and intuitive, with built-in validation tools to ensure a more accurate and complete report – the first time.

Local Market Expertise

Value Connect’s appraiser partners are local market experts accredited by their association. They’re vetted through Value Connect’s rigorous internal qualification process

Unbeatable Service

When you request a report, you’re assigned a pro-active account rep who will make your job simpler by notifying you at every major step in the process.

Smart Ordering System

Ordering appraisals is simplified to ensure all required information is captured, resulting in timely report delivery.

No Fee Changes

Enter an accurate order and we guarantee that fee won’t change.

Fast Turnaround Time

We strive for a 72-hour report turnaround (3 business days) for all reports.

Local Market Appraisers, Wherever You Are

Value Connect has a national presence of qualified, accredited appraisers ready to prepare your report.

The Information You Need, Before You Need It

Proactive account reps provide assurance that the right appraiser is in the right place at the right time.

Value Connect is a Finalist for Innovator of the Year at 2018 Mortgage Awards of Excellence Read More

Real Estate Professionals Love Our Smart Reports

“I really like the user-friendly and easy-to-read layout of Value Connect appraisal reports. It makes reviewing the appraisal easier and underwriters are less likely to miss critical information.”


“Value Connect has taken the time to understand the process of inspecting a property and creating an appraisal report, and the result is time saved."


"Ordering appraisals is a breeze. One of the features that I think is great for customer service is the ability to split the cost of the appraisal between myself and my client.”

Mortgage Broker

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How It Works


Fill out our Smart OrderTM and we'll provide a quote within seconds. Your friendly account representative updates you step-by-step.


We partner with experienced local appraisers. They receive the order and submit a detailed report using our intuitive software.


You’ll receive an online report including photos, video (where available) and audio commentary.

Need An Appraisal?

Ready to receive unbiased, independent and fair reports that meet industry regulations? Our platform anonymously connects brokers, bank loan officers and underwriters, lawyers and accountants with the local market understanding and expertise of experienced, accredited appraisers.

Are You An Appraiser?

Existing appraisal report software doesn’t make it easy for you to contribute your expertise – the end result is a time-consuming, hard to use, sometimes incomplete appraisal report that puts you at risk. Value Connect can help you transform your appraisal report workflow.

How It Works

What is a Smart Order TM?

If you are a broker, bank loan officer or lawyer, you are going to appreciate our intuitive order system that anticipates your needs. No time wasted because of fee-change requests.

The quote we give you will vary depending on the property being appraised. Unlike other companies, we stand by our quote - the amount will not change.**

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Our Account Representatives

You will be assigned a knowledgeable and friendly dedicated account representative, making sure your appraisal is handled quickly and professionally. You can watch the progress online using our dashboard, receive notifications at each major step in the process or speak directly to your account representative.

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We understand your pain points. Our ordering and quoting system was created in consultation with leading-mortgage brokers and loan officers.

** based on accurate representation of the property to be appraised.

How It Works

What is a Smart OrderTM?

An intuitive digital order system that ensures you receive the information you need to complete your report. No backtracking or time-wasted hunting down pertinent information about the scope of your report.

Our system handles the details (whether or not mileage will be billed, if additional fees are due based on the property and its use, etc.) and will provide you with specific information so you aren't left searching for clarification about the job.

Our Account Representatives

Each appraiser is assigned a knowledgeable and friendly dedicated account representative, making sure your inquiries are handled quickly and professionally. We notify customers at every major point in the process, eliminating time-wasting status update calls to make your job simpler.

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Our Smart Appraisal ReportsTM

We're using technology to redefine residential real estate appraisals. The result? More comprehensive and accurate appraisal reports with visuals, more graphs and fewer blank boxes cluttering the report.

Built by appraisers for appraisers. We are known for facilitating quality, compliance and accurate appraisal reports.

We estimate our system will reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a report by up to twenty-five percent.

How It Works

Independence That Mitigates Risk for Lenders

As regulators question appraisal independence, Value Connect offers peace of mind. We offer true adherence to the B20 guideline of Appraiser Independence because originators will never know who created the report.

You will get more detailed, accurate and comprehensive information than ever before, funding more of the deals you should and less of the ones you shouldn't.

You also get the Dashboard - a one-pager that summarizes the report and any external factors that may affect property value.

Value Connect Reports Protect You from Key Risks Concerning:

  • Legislation
  • Marketability
  • Liquidity
  • Environmental damage & hazards
  • Fluctuating value

Our reports were designed in conjunction with lenders across North America.

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