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Integration is the name of the game. With lenders, NGOs, and investors all looking to gain access to macro and micro-level data, you need to up your game. Value Connect Inc. makes it easy for your customers to order reports, manage the appraisal process while meeting regulatory & legal requirements, and integrate data from reports into their back-end systems. All from your platform through an integration with Value Connect.

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Why You'll Love Value Connect Smart Appraisal Reports™

Ordering reports is easy.

We're a pleasure to work with

LOS and CRM technology companies tell us that we're responsive and timely.

No surprises! Except for getting things done on time and budget.

You won't be surprised

Last minute surprises aren't in anyone's best interest. We consistently meet deadlines and budget.

Your customers will thank you for giving them an alternative to AMCs.

Your customers will thank you

Lenders are fed up with AMCs but haven't had a viable alternative until now. 

We keep you updated.

Access to report data

Increase your lender's profitability: Give them easy access to report data, reduce their risk associated with the subject property and the way the report was built. 

Value Connect has made ordering appraisals a breeze. One of the features that I think is great for customer service is the ability to split the cost of the appraisal between myself and my client. Overall it’s a user-friendly process and very intuitive.”

Caroline, Broker

Help your clients increase profitability by integrating with Value Connect. We're the industry's first choice for mortgage lenders looking to integrate the entire appraisal process into their lending process for greater control, quality, and ROI.

Value Connect's "smart appraisal system" enables lenders to minimize double entry, reduce keying errors, improve turn around time, and increase customer satisfaction ratings.

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