Ready to simplify appraisal inspections? We thought so.

Are you ready to increase your revenue, save time, and get a digital work file seconds after you or a team member leaves the property?

You're probably wondering "How does this work?"

The appraisal process is clogged down by paper checklists, manual data entry, and rework. The industry hasn't gone through any meaningful digital transformation the way it should. Value Connect has developed tools to make the appraisal process simpler and effective for all stakeholders. Our Mortgage Appraisal App is a game changer for appraisers. 

Using your mobile phone, you  begin the property inspection process with our Mortgage Appraisal App. The App provides an electronic version of the walk-through checklist and pictures taken. Once the inspection is complete, a digital work file immediately flows to your team or your inbox. Your digital work file includes labeled pictures of the various areas of the property and all your comments captured on-site. 

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Increase Revenue by 15%

Use our mobile appraisal app to create detailed reports that includes photos and comments. You can charge higher fees by as much as 15%.

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Save 30 minutes on every report

Our mobile inspection app saves you 30 minutes per report. Eliminate note taking with our speech-to-text functionality.

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Get an accurate digital work file

Our mobile app delivers a digital work file for all your inspections. Your file will be delivered to you seconds after leaving the property.

“Value Connect appears ready to take the appraisal management industry to the next level. Their dedication to communication and teamwork are exceptional. They are easy to get ahold of and always ready to address any questions or concerns. Thank you!"

Sean Smith


So, what makes Value Connect Different?

We built the app for appraisers using feedback from appraisers using it in the field. Our average appraiser reported being able to justify fee increases by providing more detailed reports than ever before, along with faster turnaround times by 1/2 to one full day. 

Its time to try Value Connect. We're ready for you!
     ✓ save 30 minutes per report
     ✓ increase your revenue
     ✓ get digital work files for every inspection