Ready to simplify your appraisal report workflow? We thought so.


Reduce the time spent on fee change requests, rework and status update calls by 90%.

Appraisal management companies get in the way of you spending time on the most important part of your work: a well-considered professional opinion of value that others rely on.

Frustrated with having to constantly go back to AMCs asking for more money, requesting more details so you can complete the assignment, or seeing out-of-town appraisers doing shoddy work in your area simply because they're willing to work for less money? Contact us to find out how we can help you have direct relationships with your lender clients.

Use your mobile device to create comprehensive, accurate Smart Appraisal Reports™ that include photos, graphs, and a consistent flow of information

Complete your appraisal assignments in less time. Built-in validation tools mitigate errors and ensure reports are complete before submission

Keep everyone in-the-know with automatically generated status updates throughout the process powered by Value Connect’s integrated technology


"Ordering appraisals is a breeze. One of the features that I think is great for customer service is the ability to split the cost of the appraisal between myself and my client.”

Mortgage Broker

“Value Connect is always my go-to for property appraisals. ... When I use Value Connect I never have to worry about value for the money, timing or getting someone on the phone. BEST AMC, WITHOUT A DOUBT"

Chantelle Vercammen
Mortgage Broker

“I recommend this company! I have been dealing with Value Connect for only the past 9 months and much more since their integration with Filogix; as this has been a game changer for our Mortgage Brokerage. ... Their extensive Lender List has allowed us to send much more of our appraisal business to them with the confidence it will be handled in a timely and professional manner. Keep up the great work!!"

Tina Primorac
Mortgage Broker

“Value Connect I feel is one of the better communicating companies out there when it comes to appraisals. They actually communicate with us proactively, so there aren’t any surprises along the way. I have worked with them on numerous occasions and they are my go to all the time going forward."

Yves Charlemagne
Mortgage Broker

“Value Connect is a welcome change to the mortgage industry. Their detail for communication and customer service is exceptional. They are easy to work with and always ready to address any questions or concerns in a timely manner. Anxious for many more lenders to come aboard and work with Value Connect as their appraisal go to company!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!"

Jill Craig
Mortgage Broker

“Value Connect has been very good.  User friendly system, good turnaround time, internal inquiries are promptly addressed - overall A+ from me.  Communication to the broker is key because we’re in the trenches and need to know what’s going on. I love dealing with Value Connect because I find out about things before my clients! Thanks for keeping me informed. Cheers!”

Bob Pinkney
Mortgage Broker

“I started using Value Connect way back in December of 2017 when I was fed up with one of the big appraisal management company’s antics. I gave them a shot and was impressed right off the hop. Their customer service is second to none, which is achieved with something as simple as a quick phone call or email from one of their representatives. They’re ahead of the curve with ordering an appraisal directly from the Filogix Expert mortgage application (with a click of a button). I intend to do lots of business with them in the future.”

Luca Mena
Mortgage Broker

Value Connect Smart Appraisal Reports™ are an innovative step forward that makes your job easier.

When you sign your name to a Smart Appraisal Report™ produced through Value Connect, you’ll be signing a report you can be proud of.

Fillable PDFs are yesterday's technology.  We’ve digitized the process of preparing a report, so you can leverage your mobile devices to produce  high-quality reports in less time. That means more completed reports, and time with friends & family. It’s that simple.

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