Ready to simplify your appraisal report workflow? We thought so.

Eliminate wasted time having to ask for fee changes and obtain information that should have been included with your assignment request.


Reduce the time spent on fee change requests, rework and status update calls by 90%.

Appraisal management companies get in the way of you spending time on the most important part of your work: a well-considered professional opinion of value that others rely on.

Frustrated with having to constantly go back to AMCs asking for more money, requesting more details so you can complete the assignment, or seeing out-of-town appraisers doing shoddy work in your area simply because they're willing to work for less money? Contact us to find out how we can help you have direct relationships with your lender clients.

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Use your mobile device to create comprehensive, accurate Smart Appraisal Reports™ that include photos, graphs, and a consistent flow of information
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Complete your appraisal assignments in less time. Built-in validation tools mitigate errors and ensure reports are complete before submission
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Keep everyone in-the-know with automatically generated status updates throughout the process powered by Value Connect’s integrated technology

“Value Connect appears ready to take the appraisal management industry to the next level. Their dedication to communication and teamwork are exceptional. They are easy to get ahold of and always ready to address any questions or concerns. Thank you!"

Sean Smith


“I found the software very easy to use and the help/service was amazing. It appears that the Value Connect Team is really looking out for the Appraisers!"

Lorenzo Presutti


“A new and welcome addition of an innovative, hi tech company that is raising the bar for real property valuation service and valuation for all stakeholders. Thank you Value Connect!"

Gord Sommerville


Value Connect Smart Appraisal Reports™ are an innovative step forward that makes your job easier.

When you sign your name to a Smart Appraisal Report™ produced through Value Connect, you’ll be signing a report you can be proud of.

Fillable PDFs are yesterday's technology.  We’ve digitized the process of preparing a report, so you can leverage your mobile devices to produce  high-quality reports in less time. That means more completed reports, and time with friends & family. It’s that simple.

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