A platform we believe in, built for lending and appraisal industry pros

Value Connect’s software package eliminates originators from choosing their appraiser, ensuring unbiased, independent and compliant reports.

Our reports include property photos, graphs, and a streamlined flow of information. But they’re not just beautiful. Value Connect Smart Appraisal Reports are more accurate thanks to built-in validation tools that QCs the report before it's sent to the lender, ensuring information critical to the report has been considered (and addressed).

You can order, create and access Smart Appraisal Reports through mobile and desktop devices.

"I really like the user-friendly and easy-to-read layout of Value Connect appraisal reports. It makes reviewing the appraisal easier."

Lou, underwriter

How It Works

One-Click Order

Value Connect’s software easily integrates with Origination and Underwriting systems for a true “one-click” appraisal order. Save time and data-entry errors by eliminating double entry of data.


Don't add a third party (AMC) between you and the appraiser when you can easily manage your appraiser panel, including property and appraisal risk rules, straight from the system.

Efficient Appraisal Reporting

Receive reports in less time & with significantly fewer rework requirements by having appraisers use our fully integrated appraisal report builder software. Reports are QCd before they’re sent to you, enhancing quality and reduce turnaround time.

6 Reasons You’ll Love Our Smart Appraisal Reports™

There’s a good reason – actually, several – why our reports are better.

Experienced Local appraisers

Our appraiser partners are local market experts accredited by their association and vetted by Value Connect

Beautiful, easy-to-read reports

Report information is beautifully organized and easy-to-understand with photos, graphs and videos available when accessed online

Fewer Follow-ups required

Agreements and attachments are integrated in reports

Split Report Costs

Share the cost of the appraisal between you and your client

Mitigate Risks

Our report-building software helps reduce potential errors and help to ensure your report is accurate and complete when you receive it

Our Reports are Getting Smarter

Value Connect continues to evolve out process, standards and software thanks to the insight and input of our appraisal industry partners. 

What sets Value Connect apart

Value Connect began in 2015 with a simple mission: to improve the real estate appraisal process for originators, lenders and their clients. Since we started, we’ve learned that the mortgage process is in dire need of an overhaul when it comes to appraisal reporting.

We’ve been on all sides of the lending, real estate, appraisal, and technology industries – as lenders, underwriters, originators, appraisers, real estate agents, and originators.

With decades of experience among us, we bring insight, knowledge and savvy to empower and educate our users with inventive products and services that simplify the appraisal report process.

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