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Value Connect makes appraisals incredibly simple and efficient, with industry leading customer experience. We minimize staffing swings associated with market cycles.


Working with Canada's Leading Lenders


✓ Reduces costs up to 65%
✓ Eliminates rework
✓ Increase appraisals reviewed 200%



✓ Increase revenue per report by 15%
✓ Save 30 min per report
✓ Digital work file for every report


Mortgage Sales & Brokers

✓ No fee changes. Guaranteed
✓ Delivered on time
✓ Save 30 min of follow-up/report


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Our industry leading technology ensures reduced cost by eliminating wasted staff time, increased accuracy, and automated data transfers.​ 

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"Value Connect is the most responsible and professional appraisal management company in Canada, period! Their online platform is far more advanced, and friendly. Their customer service is timely, and efficient. I recommend Value Connect to all appraisers, banks and lenders."




Our Appraisal Inspection App saves you time and makes you more money. It is easy to use and delivers a digital work file seconds after leaving the property so your team can work on the report immediately.  

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“A new and welcome addition of an innovative, high-tech company that is raising the bar for real property valuation services. Thank you Value Connect!” 



Mortgage Sales & Brokers

Get peace of mind with our seamless customer experience. Our commitment of no fee changes or missed deadlines is backed up by great customer reviews and moneyback guarantee.​

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“Fabulous services. Transaction is 100% hassle free when using Value Connect. Portal is very user friendly, and the team provides exceptional customer services. I completely rely on them for all my clients’ property appraisal requests."


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Review from our customers

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HG Appraisers Inc. partnered with Value Connect in 2021 and our experience with them has been outstanding! They are professional, friendly, and a real pleasure to work with. Chris, John, and Terri are dedicated to simplifying the appraisal ordering process focused on facilitating accurate and timely real property valuation services for their clients. Keep up the magnificent work!

Floyd Miles

Firm Principal, HG Appraisers

Value Connect team has been great to work with! They have helped me obtain a few last-minute appraisals and created tremendous value for my clients and myself. Highly recommend Value Connect if you need appraisal services. Thanks, John, Terri and your team

Jane Cooper

Mortgage Broker

Great company that makes my job a lot easier!

Kristin Watson

Alternative Mortgage Specialist, RBC

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